Morse Code Challenge

Magnolia DX Association Annual Beginners 2017 CW Challenge!

This challenge will begin January 1,   2017.

In November, MDXA will host a challenge event at an announced time and location.  Participants will be tested on receive speeds using RufzXP software.  You can download the software and practice by going to

The person(s) achieving the top receive speed could win a new key which will be presented the day of the challenge!  In order to qualify for the key, a minimum speed of 25 wpm (125 cpm) is required.  There will be additional prizes given for other levels of achievement!

An award for most improved after year one will be given during the DX Dinner in December.  All participants will receive a certificate.


  1. Submit proof of practice. Participate in weekly W1AW code practice sessions and submit practice sheets at the monthly club meetings.  The most current schedule can be found by going to
  2. Be a CW beginner.

That’s it!

Additional practice resources can be found on the club website (  Navigate to the main menu, choose Outside Resources/Morse Code (CW) Stuff.

You are encouraged to practice on the RufzXP software!