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Mississippi's Premier DX Association

The Magnolia DX Association (MDXA) was founded in 1972 and today it has a sizeable membership of dedicated hams and is one of the largest amateur radio clubs in Mississippi. MDXA is Mississippi’s Premier DX Association providing public service, educational opportunities, fostering good will within our community, all while having a lot of fun!

MDXA provides a wide variety of programs and activities for its members. These include offering ham radio classes to the public and don’t forget our spring and fall picnics and annual holiday party!

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MDXA 300 DX Award

Monthly Meeting 

Come join us on the 2nd Saturday of each month for our club meeting.


Time:  7:30AM (start gathering and get your breakfast!)

           8:00AM  Meeting will begin


Place:  Golden Corral located on Highway 49 in Gulfport  

For details, please contact any Board Member.  

Hope to see you there!


Upcoming Board Meeting

The details of the next meeting of the Board will be announced soon.


Where do you rank?

See where you rank among other club members by joining Club Log!  We will enjoy some friendly competition throughout the year so don't miss out!  Once you are set up in Club Log, click HERE to keep up with the MDXA Club Log page.


2014 Awards

DXer of the Year went to Bill Breeden, NA5DX!

DXer of the Year

Longest Distance Award went to David Wade, W5DAW!

 Longest Distance Award

Member of the Year went to George Bethea, K5JZ!

Thank you George for all you do for so many hams!  


Congratulations Ray Rocker, WQ5L!

Ray Rocker, WQ5L, was presented with a plaque at the October MDXA meeting for his achievment in making 1st Place in the 2013 Mississippi QSO Party!


New MDXA 300 DX Club Recipients!


Congratulations to MDXA's first 300 DX Club recipients!


  Bill Breeden, NA5DX

Betty Jo Byrd, KB5CSQ  

The MDXA 300 DX Club is an award to encourage and motivate amateurs approaching the upper levels of DXCC to keep working at it. This award will be awarded to any MDXA member upon proper application under the rules found HERE. The award is in the form of a personalized plaque.  


Amateur Radio Exam Practice

Below are a few external sites to help you study for the licensing tests. Some are free and others require membership.


QRZ     AA9PW     KB0MGA     W8MHB    




Online Morse Code Practice

External sites to help you practice morse code.

KF4KVG          AA9PW           W1AW


Congratulations Members!

We had a great showing in the 2012 MS QSO party!  

The logs for the 2012 Mississippi QSO Party have been checked.  This has become quite a chore seeing that after the first Mississippi QSO Party in 2003 37 logs were submitted and this year it was 110.  The MSQP is no longer one of the 'smaller' QSO Parties.  The top ten in Mississippi were AG5Z, K5DWI, NA5DX, K2FF, W5UE, AE5BR, AE5YB, WQ5L, N5GD, and K5IJ.   The top mobiles were W4SIG, N5NA, W3DYA, K4ZGB, W4OQG, K5WBM, AE5SK, and WB4CHH.  The top portables were W5GWB (Chickasaw ARC) operating from Tunica County, W5OBM (Olive Branch ARC) from Benton County, and N5VI from Sharkey, Humphreys, and Yazoo Counties.  Outside of Mississippi the top scores were from NT2A (NY), N6MU (CA), KV8Q (OH), K9WA (IL), and W8WVU (MI).  

The logs indicate that 122 Mississippi Stations were on the air in 80 of the 82 Counties.  An initial scan of the logs received by March 30 indicated that all 82 counties were on the air, but the follow on log check indicated that Jefferson Davis and Lawrence were not on the air. Thanks to N5NA for coordinating mobile routes with his website such that there were not very many county overlaps.  NT2A worked a remarkable 65 of the 80 Counties on the air.  A special tip of the hat to the hard working mobiles/portables, who put 72 counties on the air with 4,993 QSOs.  

AG5Z, W4SIG, W5GWD, and NT2A will all receive plaques for their first place finish in their respective categories.   The complete results should be posted on the Section Web Site by mid- August and certificates should be in the mail by mid-September.

Excerpt from the Mississippi Section Report for June 2012 (SM:  Malcolm Keown, W5XX.  Section Web Site:  Web Master:


Field Day 2012

Field Day 2012....whew!

It was really neat to watch the folks who tirelessly pulled together and made field day a success.  If you missed it, make a note to attend next year!  It's a great learning experience and a chance to gain invaluable knowledge and friendships.  

Special thanks to Ed, KA5VFU, and BJ, KB5CSQ, for allowing the non-stop traffic in and out of the field next to their home and for all they do to make events such as Field Day successful and fun!

See some pictures from the event here.





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For information aboout joining Club Log, go HERE.


Weekly Net

Please join us for our 2m DX net Tuesday nights at 01:00 UTC (8pm Central time) on the KA5VFU repeater located in McHenry, MS on 147.375+600 (no tone).

The primary purpose for this net is to share any information that we may have regarding DXing and to answer any DX related questions that may arise.

Please Note:  The time of the net changes according to whether we are on Daylight Savings Time or Standard Time.  In the winter months (Standard Time) the net meets at 00:00 UTC (7pm Central Time).   

CQ-Contest Mailing List

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