Field Day 2016

Field Day was a Success at Success Park. Here is the A.A.R. (After Action Report) on another eventful MDXA Field Day.

Here are the highlights:

  • We had a reasonably good club turn out but we did miss some of our regulars.
  • We were able to have both stations up and operational by noon.
  • This year we were relaxed and ready for the opening gun.
  • The air-conditioned space worked out very well and we had a wonderful dinner with all our ‘brides’.
  • Jeff Myrick K5FZI got the FD-ARRL message via RTTY.
  • Howard KE4MBP got the FD Public Service message on Coast Radio & WQRZ. Both got the club extra points.
  • The OCF Dipole and beam, worked well, even though we didn’t work a ton of west coast or Hawaii.

The bands were not in the best of conditions, but we did man both stations for the 24 hrs. WELL DONE!!!

The advantage of calling “CQ Field Day” can be seen in the 40/80 score. Clay & Howard wore ’em out!! We have some new ideas for next year.

Take a look at our August newsletter “DX Hunter” for more details.