Membership Information

LOCATION: The club was founded on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and carries the state’s nickname “Magnolia,” while the emblem also sports the beautiful state flower of the same name. Thus 90% of the current members reside within the Mississippi state boundaries. The remaining 10% live in the boarding states with a few others living a greater distance. The majority of club related activities are held in South Mississippi.

CRITERIA: First, it only makes sense that you share the core values of DXing. Therefore the club requires anyone seeking Regular membership show proof of having worked a minimum of 100 countries/entities. Associate membership requires you have a true desire to obtain Regular membership status after joining. Second, we need participation in order to be more than just a list a names; therefore, it greatly helps if you are within Mississippi itself or one of our neighboring states. That way you can join in on one or more of the club’s monthly/yearly or special events.

HOW THE CLUB BENEFITS: By your becoming a member of the MDXA, the club hopes to obtain/gain “new blood” which is necessary for any organization to grow and thrive. As the saying goes, “No one should expect any improvement if the process never changes.” Everyone brings a unique set of skills and knowledge to the table maybe your expertise and talents are exactly what is needed for a particular area, task, event, or club idea to get off the ground. Like the chain we’re only as strong as our weakest link.

HOW YOU BENEFIT: By being active, contributing on both an individual and group level, plus being a part of a super bunch of DXing hams! Be it setting up Field Day operations, helping with the webpage, spotting DX on the club’s cluster, cooking for a picnic, spearheading a special event, mentoring a local ham in the unique world of DXing, etc., it’s simply up to you. We always have room for those who will contribute!

CLUB DUES: Regular and Associate memberships are $25.00 paid annually with renewals due in January of each year thereafter. due at the end of each year. (Note: Households with more than one family member joining will be $25 for the first and $10 for the second, third, etc.)

APPLICATION: Please download the MDXA Membership Application form and complete all items plus the required signatures. Bring it with you to the next regularly scheduled MDXA meeting along with any supporting documentation. Simply turn it in to any one of the board members present. The application will be reviewed/processed prior to the next scheduled meeting. (Note: Applications should only be mailed if for some reason you cannot attend a regularly scheduled MDXA meeting.) Send an e-mail to if you have questions.

BOTTOM LINE: Ham Radio is fun DXing is better; MDXA is all of that and more!

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